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About Rap1dshare(RS) premium link generator(PLG)
Using our RS PLG you can download almost as a premium user with no limits
or with limits significally decreased. The download speed depends only on your
internet connection and our PLG gives you unlimited speed. Also, there are no daily
download or parallel download limits at all. Downloading of any illegal or copyrighted
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How to use RS PLG?
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About Rapidshare
Rapidshare is the most popular file sharing and hosting operator since 2005.
Rapidshare was among the 50 most popular internet websites in the world in 2010.
In April 2008, RapidShare had 5.4 petabytes of storage for users. In March 2010 it stated,
after a 120 Gbit/s upgrade, to have 600 Gbit/s of bandwidth. Premium users of Rapidshare have
untimited download speed, downloads with no queue waiting time, unlimited parallel downloads.
Also premium users can upload/download files bigger than 2GB, store up to 50 GB of data that cannot expire.
The duration of data storage for free user is 30 days and the limit of upload/download size is 200 MB.
Rapidshare also offers tools like download manager and link checker.

Other popular hosts


Upload up to 10 files of up to 100MB each at a time, unlimited storage. Allow to link to files from your
MySpace page, your blog, or forums, upload an unlimited number of files to share with friends and family
or storage, use folders to easily share groups of files or create galleries for all your images. No registration
necessary and no software to install.


Up to 1GB of storage of files up to 10MB size each. Store your documents on Box so that you can access
them from anywhere. Share photos on your blog or website, and more.


Filedropper is amazing. It offers yet another free file sharing service, but with a 5GB capacity, no
registration requirements, and a theoretically unlimited download period, this one may be a standout.


Badongo is an exceptionally neat file host, and I would most certainly rate it as one of the best. As a
unregistered user, you are allowed to upload up to 4.8GB a day and as a free, registered user, 12GB a day.
To make it similar to Filedropper, Badongo allows users to upload files of a maximum size of 1GB. When you
register with Badongo you even receive an account that stores all of your files of course, but also allows
users to create picture albums out of the pictures they store. This brings even more wonderful features to
this awesome site.


It offers unlimited downloads, and you can upload files up to 100 MB. The service is completely ad-financed
so there isn�t any premium service.


ADrive is a free service and the 50 GB of space is currently the most you can get as far as free offerings
(most others offer just 1-5 GB for free.) There is a 2 GB file size limit, but very few people will have files
that exceed 2 GB. To put that in perspective, high-resolution digital photos are only about 2-6 MB each.


MyFreeFileHosting has an interface similar to MediaFire�s. It includes the option to send an notification
email to someone to tell them of the upload, tags to categorize the file, etc. Of course, after one uploads
the file, links are given to allow for download and distribution. The maximum file size allowed is 100MB.

Windows Live Folders � Skydrive

Windows Live Folders shows a great deal of promise. It could be a good option for smaller organizations who
can�t support a VPN or use Windows� built-in file sharing, and it may end up competing with other media sharing
options. At present, you get500MB of free storage with it, and it always displays how much you have left at the
top of the window. The maximum file size you can upload right now is 50MB.


FileCrunch ups the ante on most of these services� maximum file size from 100MB to 250MB. Very similar to
YouSendIt, it�s really just web storage that generates links to download your files. There�s no limit on
storage and downloads, and it supports download managers and accelerators.Thats it for now, enjoy these file
hosting services. Got any suggestions or feedback, leave a comment and we will be back in touch with you.